Wednesday, 2 December 2009


Oh dear,
well obviously i haven't been in China for all this time, i just got pretty slack at my blog updates and work has swept me off my feet these past 8 months. well, going into the christmas period and new year with a new aim to stay updated.

so.....whats been going on?
well! my PAPER PLANE range has taken off like i could of never have imagined, as soon as it's ordered in, the stock is going straight out, i don't even own a purse myself. Here are the products that came out in summer this on the link to visit my works retail website, where they're all available to buy-just in time for christmas, you lucky things.

but my prodest moment, i think to date in my life, was my make up bag from this range being featured in HEAT magazin, and being compaered to PAUL SMITH!!!! wow.
this season i've added more products to the range. these include a real leather mans wallet, porcelain mugs, plates and bowls (oh my gosh) a flask and notebook.

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